Bootstrap 4 Pagination for WordPress

Copy wordpress-bootstrap-4-pagination.php from Add boostrap_4_pagination() to your archive page.

Create Custom Post Type for WordPress

Add this to your theme functions.php

Sticky Table Header using jQuery

April 23, 2018

Complete Tutorial – Coming Soon <style>     td{         vertical-align: middle!important;     }     .table-fixed-header.fixed-header thead {         position: fixed;         top: 0px;         background: white;         z-index: 9999;     }     </style> <script>     jQuery(document).ready(function(){                  var tableFixedHeader = $(‘.table-fixed-header’);                  var tableFixedHeaderHead = tableFixedHeader.find(‘thead’);         var tableFixedHeaderBody = tableFixedHeader.find(‘tbody’);                  tableFixedHeaderHead.css(‘width’, tableFixedHeaderHead.outerWidth());         tableFixedHeaderBody.css(‘width’, tableFixedHeaderBody.outerWidth());                  tableFixedHeaderHead.find(‘th’).each(function(){             $(this).css(‘width’, $(this).outerWidth() );         });                  tableFixedHeaderBody.find(‘td’).each(function(){             $(this).css(‘width’, $(this).outerWidth() ); […]

Fix font CORS policy issue using Apache

Please add the following code in your .htaccess file Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*”